Unlock new revenue and value from your assets and your tenant’s assets

If you are managing a diverse portfolio of office, industrial and retail precincts, you arein a unique position with the ability to create an ecosystem of flexible and exclusive brand activation spaces with high quality engaged professional audiences.


With most personal & business purchases being researched or transacted during the workday – either online, at lunch or the commute – your office is the newest line of revenue in commercial real estate.

Tenant engagement is no longer a fad name but a must for all savvy landlrds. Holding tenant events at your building not only provides a great engagement platform, it can also bring your building a new source of revenue.  

Community, along with celebrating a sense of occasion, are the key drivers of shopping centre design and management today.

Audience Targeting

Office buildings offer a uniquely captive audience who are on-site for 7+ hours, and are not distracted by other clutter, activities or brands.  The workplace is also an unbeatable Word-of-Mouth environment, further increasing interactions.

Managing brand activations across your building portfolio

The co-working movement has demonstrated the ability of curated ready-to-use spaces to create thriving dynamic space ecosystems. However, it takes a lot of manpower to manage a dynamic space with ongoing booking enquiries that land in someone’s inbox or sit in a CRM.
So how do you create a dynamic destination that’s easy to stay on top of?

How do facility or event managers manage an efficient building and flexible rental of spaces?

If you are relying on emails and phonecalls or have no process in place for generating and managing flexible space rental leads from first enquiry to closing, you need to look for ways to streamline manual proceses.

You know your asset, the location and its potential better than anyone else – equip your team with the technology and information they need to best serve your customers.

Opportunity to guide an identify tenant spaces for flexible rentals and multi-purpose usage across the portfolio

Five wins from working with SpaceBook

Radically shorten transaction cycle times

SpaceBook gives you the tools to turn leads into conversions. With automated usage and revenue, you’ll significantly reduce transaction cycles.

Monetise any space any time for any term

SpaceBook helps you to transform static spaces into dynamic destinations. You can also think outside the box and list unique or underused spaces.

Your brand, your customers, always

Attract new and different space seekers by keeping your portfolio in market 24/7 with a branded customer-facing website powered by SpaceBook.

Optimise portfolio management

SpaceBook helps you make data-informed decisions across your dynamic space portfolio. See which spaces and people are performing and why.

Improve and grow your space seeker relationships

Give your leasing team, agents and managers the ability to connect across your portfolio, better understand space seeker needs and build loyalty

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