A sea of change in commercial real estate transactions

18 September 2020
By: Marianella Watman
e-commerce in commercial real estate

The commercial real estate market is undergoing a sea change as tenants and their agents expect to move from a slow and painful leasing experience to an easy, fast, and flexible leasing process with tenant needs as the key driver.

The trend is being driven, especially in the retail and office sectors, by businesses that want flexibility, to move into new markets or to expand quickly.

Flexible deals are no new concepts for retail owners. They have traditionally offered them via casual mall leasing deals but as new business models flourish and more flexible stock in the market with ready-to-move spaces or co-working or co-retailing, the seamless customer on-boarding process, a term not used in real estate will become more important than ever before.

Is the change a threat?

Rather than viewing the changing leasing landscape as a threat to traditional management companies, smart property landlords and their agents should choose to use it as an opportunity to establish long-term relationships.

The SpaceBook Platform is first of its kind bringing tenants into an ecosystem that is directly managed by landlords and their marketing and leasing teams.

SpaceBook Platform, a cloud-based Saas product streamlining the flexible rental transactions has been designed for landlords, venue managers and agents to brand and own. They can monitor enquiring deals across their properties, track negotiations, and monitor their marketing performance and have access to this information from anywhere.

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