Pop-ups hit the retail sweet spot
How to manage dynamic spaces
in retail destinations

Pop-ups, casual mall leasing, dynamic spaces, brand activation spaces are not new but these dynamic activations are getting a lot more complex and faster than ever before. With $20 billion experiential marketing globally and growing 5% year-on-year, as a landlord or venue manager, you can't afford to continue to stay behind. SpaceBook can provide you with the tools for flexible space management success.

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Retail centre visitors want to come home from their shopping expedition with a feeling and a memory –
as well as the goods they’ve purchased.

When it comes to customer engagement, shopping centres have come a long way from the rewards-based events represented by a line of trestle tables and an energetic spruiker giving away free cooking utensils.

Community, along with celebrating a sense of occasion, are the key drivers of shopping centre design and management today.

This enhanced retail experience that the centres are providing is called experiential shopping. And some of the events (called activations in the industry) are so sophisticated that you’d be forgiven for thinking entertainment was the main purpose.

Managing Brand Experiences at Shopping Centres:

The co-working movement has demonstrated the ability of curated ready-to-use spaces to create thriving dynamic space ecosystems. However, it takes a lot of manpower to manage a dynamic space with ongoing booking enquiries that land in someone’s inbox or sit in a CRM. So how do you create a dynamic destination that’s easy to stay on top of?

How do shopping centre casual mall or pop-up leasing managers attract and handle leads

Many are still relying on downloadable brochures and static enquiry forms, while others have little to no process for generating and managing leads from first enquiry to closing. Or, if one exists, it's a mix of manual sorting and inefficient communications that result in lost leads or an inability to meet the all-important timing between a bottom-funnel request and a sales response.

Improve your processes with lead nurturing

Lead nurturing allows you to develop relationships at every stage of the funnel, and through every step of the rental enquiry journey, regardless if it’s for short-term or long-term. It ensures your communications are relevant and timely – because space seekers won’t wait around.

Space Seekers want to be informed. They want to know when someone will get back to them and at what stage
of the enquiry journey they’re at. If not, they’ll turn from
a warm lead into a lost one. This challenge is increased by the rise of short-term spaces across office, retail and alternative spaces – all creating more competition for bookings and activations.

Five wins from working with SpaceBook

1. Radically shorten transaction cycle times

SpaceBook gives you the tools to turn leads into conversions. With automated usage and revenue, you’ll significantly reduce transaction cycles.

2. Monetise any space any time for any-term

SpaceBook helps you to transform static spaces into dynamic destinations. You can also think outside the box and list unique or underused spaces.

3. Your brand, your customers, always

Attract new and different space seekers by keeping your portfolio in market 24/7 with a branded customer-facing website powered by SpaceBook.

4. Optimise portfolio management

SpaceBook helps you make data-informed decisions across your dynamic space portfolio. See which spaces and people are performing and why.

5. Improve and grow your customer (tenant) relationships

Give your leasing team, agents and managers the ability to connect across your portfolio, better understand space seeker needs and build loyalty

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