Brand activation at iconic venues:
How to attract, convert and retain brand activation opportunities
to delight your visitors.

Temporary retail or experiential marketing events at iconic venues are a great way to reach an a new customer base without having to leave the tarmac. This isn’t just great for brand exposure, but also for conducting market research, thus educating brands on how to effectively make key business decisions related to expansion opportunities, both local and international.


Brands are shifting more marketing dollars away from traditional advertising into experiential marketing and creative agencies are adapting to this paradigm shift. What can iconic venues do to attract brand activation
to their venues?

Experiential marketing has become common practice for large-scale technology brands like Netflix and Google; the latter holding hundreds of events across the globe from USA, Europe to Australia each year.

Without a physical presence, experiential enables these brands to create real-life connections with consumers through engaging and memorable in-person experiences. Indeed, their success appears to have inspired other (and smaller) digital brands to invest in the medium. And we are seeing a wide range of industries getting involved, from consumer brands like Sephora to B2B giants like GE.

Successful experiential activations feature a convergence of multiple levels of engagement in the customer journey, bonding a relationship that allows a brand to meet consumers on the consumer’s terms, face to face. Not only have experiential campaigns proven to be one of the most effective ways of reaching people these days, they’re perhaps the most fun projects to work on. XM campaigns have now become a must in the marketing budgets of the top brands.

Meaningful experiences change lives and impact culture

While experiential campaigns are nothing new, brands like Red Bull, GoPro and Nike are leading the way, becoming media moguls by creating compelling content at the same time they are building ultra-cool event activations and way of life brands. Building spectacular experiences are only the beginning. Implementing proven viral strategies creates life after the party. Top marketers spark meteoric brand growth through a powerful community of free-willed evangelists. Unofficial spokes models trigger distribution channels, proudly sharing personal experiences throughout their social networks that live on well past the event or activation itself.

Digitizing the rental of brand activation spaces at iconic venues

SpaceBook is a scalable, flexible flexible space management platform that allows you to attract and convert bookings seamlessly. You'll be able to manage a dynamic destinations efficiently and effortlessly. The SpaceBook Platform powers iconic venue managers to create an e-commerce ready branded platform and nurture leads into bookings.  

SpaceBook gives you a modern toolset to unlock the full potential of your venue portfolio. With the right data on hand, you can optimise performance and revenue by making better decisions, faster.

Overall, you can reduce conversion time by 80% with SpaceBook’s Platform

SpaceBook enables iconic venue managers and their agents to:
  • Maximise income by increasing usage
  • Raise property portfolio value by having higher returns translate into capital gains
  • Increase employee efficiency with transparent performance tracking tools
  • Boost customer loyalty and NPS through better customer experiences
  • Improve competitive advantage by strengthening relationships with customers at every interaction
  • Minimise operating costs by automating manual processes like sales, booking, invoicing and marketing
  • Create customised workflow by integrating with other internal systems like SalesForce, Dynamics or Yardi

Brand activation experiences at iconic venues is now a tried and tested strategy. Brand activations or pop-ups are a great way to generate revenue and raise brand awareness through ideal positioning, which has consistently allowed brands to access a plethora of eager and diverse audience.

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